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Friday 5th June

Good morning all.


It's Friday and the last day of the week. School finishes at 1 on a Friday to be deep cleaned and for staff to have their PPA - so I give you permission to finish home learning at that time today, but ONLY if you do something fun. 


I'm going to go home and take Seth for a big walk around Greenhead Park; when we get back we are all going to bake (something I actually hate, but that Seth and Lauren love).


We also have the valuation on our house today, as we are moving house. 

So busy day ahead.


Also, it's just popped into my head what happened to me last night! I woke up at half 3 in the morning with a pain in my chest and I could hear a buzzing sound. I made Lauren turn on the light, and we found a bee crawling through our bed. I looked at my chest and had a massive bee sting! I'm really grateful that i'm not allergic! Just a weird story I thought you may enjoy.


Have a great weekend, and do something nice for somebody in your household! 

For Maths today I'd like you to focus on the different problem solving challenges. See how far you can get down before requiring help. When you get to this stage you need to ask a parent/guardian/sibling to help you get down as far as possible!

Summer Term Week 6, Lesson 5

Mrs Walker's group A

Click on the file below to get your work for today.  Read the questions carefully.

Mrs Walker's group B

Yesterday you were rounding to the nearest 10.  Today you are going to round to the nearest 100.  There are two worksheets for you to complete.

For reading today I'd like you to read chapter 5 of Goodnight Mr Tom.

If you have any way of getting hold of this book you really should - it is amazing and very moving. But I will keep posting different chapters for you that we will be doing questions on. 

Chapter 5 focuses on the Prime Minister talking to the nation. It really reminded me of Boris Johnson's lockdown address. Please watch it and think about how serious this sort of announcement is for a country:

Afterwards I'd like you to make a table with two headings: Willie and Mr Peters.

From the chapter I'd like you to write down different examples of their speech. After you have done this, I'd like you to write a paragraph explaining what we can learn about them as characters and their backgrounds. 



Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Read The Sound Keeper poem and then answer the questions.  You can check your work when you have finished.

For writing, today is all about planning your story!


Follow this link and then do the different activities:

Mrs Walker's A and B groups writing

Click on the file below to get your work for today.

This afternoon's Science lesson is from Mrs O'Dowd and includes a presentation to help you.