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Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning 1S laugh


I hope you have enjoyed your first week of home learning. Thank you so much for all your hard work this week, you should be super proud of yourself! A big thank you to all your grown ups for all their support too. 


We've only got a few days left of home learning on the school website as we will have something even better to use soon. We'll be using a different system so that we can message each other and I can see what you're all doing. Won't that be great!?


You will receive the log in details along with your report today and there's going to be an online training session for your parents early next week.


Here are your tasks for today:



Please click the correct folder.


I hope you have been practicing your spellings as we will do the test as usual on Monday!

Guided Reading

Today we are going to continue with our retrieval questions.


I would like you to again, start by re-reading the first section of the story with support from an adult.



What does ‘rapid’ mean?


How will you retrieve the answers?


Here are your next set of retrieval questions:



Here is today's Flashback:


Click this link and click subtraction up to 10.


Read the number sentence out loud then use objects or your fingers to help you. 

Once you have the answer, click the correct train carriage. 

Today we are going to link addition and subtraction to create fact families. 


Fact families are a group of number sentences created using the same set of numbers.


Watch this video.


You do not need to pause the video and complete the usual worksheet as we are working from a different worksheet today. 

Fact families

Here is your task. I have filled in some numbers to help you.


First complete the part-whole model:

Count how many blue counters there are and how many red counters there are.

Complete the whole at the top of the model. 


Now use your part-whole model to write the fact families. 


Scroll down for the answer.










Here is your Now Try This challenge to finish with. Scroll down for the answer.






























Topic (Science)

L.I. To learn about the weather in the UK.
      To revise the seasons.


How many seasons do we have?

What are they called?


What types of weather do we have in the UK?
What symbol could you draw for rain?
What about sun or wind?



As you go through the presentation below, draw symbols and add labels to show the weather that we have in each of the four seasons in the UK.

Now make a neat copy of your work. You may want to use this sheet:


Design Technology

Are you excited about making your London taxi? We can't wait to see photographs of them.


Follow your plan as closely as you can,  but don't be afraid to make changes if you need to - that's an important part of design technology.


When you've finished, complete this evaluation sheet:

Well, we've made it to the end of Friday. Are you feeling proud of yourself? You certainly should be! Have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you again on Monday. 


Miss Sykes laugh