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Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning 4A, 


Happy Friday! I am sorry I was unable to add a morning message on here for the past couple of days - it is has been an extremely busy time for us teachers because next week, we will be moving onto remote learning on Microsoft Teams, meaning I will be able to see the work you are completing and will be able to mark it and give feedback too. We have had to do a lot of preparation for this and I am really looking forward to interacting with you all every day! I hope you've had a great first week of home learning - make sure you use the weekend to have some rest as we have lots of learning to do next week!


Have a great weekend, 


Best wishes, 

Miss Anwar 


Here are the answer's to yesterday's recap activity - did you realise that "find the product off..." means that you have to multiply both numbers together? Some people think that "find the product off..." means that you add the two numbers together, which is not right. 

How many of you got all of these questions right?


Have a go at today's recap activity


Today's lesson is about dividing by 100

Have a go at the White Rose sheets first. 
Now try these sheets. 



Today, we are going to have a go at some comprehension questions on our book, "I Was There 1066". 


Firstly, you need to read Chapter 1.


Then, have a go at the questions. 





Please do your spelling test for the spellings I gave you before the holidays. Ask a grown up or sibling if they can test you. 



Spellings for today's test

Here are the new spellings for next week's test, which will be on Friday 15th January 2021

New spellings for the test next Friday



Yesterday, we started thinking about writing a job application to be the next King of England. 



Use the template I have attached or you can make your own:

Step 1


Choose which King you want to become and write their correct name and address on your application sheet. I have written a step by step guidance on what to write. You need to use your profile sheet of significant leaders from yesterday's work. 


Next to the name of the King you want to be, I have put where they would have lived. 


Harald Hardrada -> Oslo Kongsgård estate, Oslo, Norway 
William of Normandy -> Château de Falaise in Falaise, Lower Normandy, France
Edward Atheling -> Kingdom of Hungary
Harold Godwinson -> Wessex, England



Step 2


Family details - from your research, did you find out any facts about the potential Kings' family members? Did they have any siblings?


Current position held - what is their job at the moment? Are they a King of another country? Are they a duke?


Previous experience - have they been a King before? If so, what country were they a King of?


In this box, you need to write what good qualities you have that would make you be an excellent King!


Are you fair and reasonable?

Are you good at listening?

Are you a good leader?

Can you work well with other people?

Can you make good rules and consequences so that your people will be kept safe?

Are you strong and resilient?



In this last box, you need to write why you want to be the next King?  What makes you stand out from others?



Follow the powerpoint to learn about the Bayeux Tapestry - an important artefact that outlined the events that took place in 1066. Choose one of the images from the powerpoint and have a go at sketching it. We had planned to make our own Bayeux Tapestry and we wanted you to do some embroidery and fabric work - hopefully, we will get to do something similar when we are back at school.