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Friday 8th January 2021

Good Morning Class 1-2A.


I hope you have all enjoyed your first week of home learning and it's Friday today!!! You can have the weekend to relax and chill out because you have all worked super hard  this week. A big thank you to all your grown ups for helping you!!! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and remember to keep safe and look after yourself and your families.


Here are today's activities and I hope you have a fab day. Keep warm as its very cold!!!


Remember to click on the correct phonics folder:


Lets start our day with Joe Wicks to warm ourselves up!! Click on the video when you are ready.

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Alfie | The Body Coach TV

8 minute kids workout 😊

Guided Reading

In today's lesson you're going to be learning how to answer a sequencing question. This is one of the hardest things that you are asked to do for KS1 Reading.


Work through the PowerPoint.




Here's today's Flashbacks:


Mental and Oral Starter Activity:

Funky mummy, select times tables 2, 5 and 10 to practise.

Click on the link when you are ready.



In today's lesson we are going to be using the muliplication symbol X.

Here is today's video. Click on the link when you are ready.

Here is today's lesson PowerPoint.



Maths tasks for today:

Task 1

Your first activity is a practical activity where you have to cut out the cards and match the picture to its additon and multiplication number sentences. You can choose the level of activity that you feel is appropriate.



Task 2:

Complete the sentences to describe the equal groups using the multiplication symbol

You can choose the level of activity that you feel is appropriate.



Here is today's NTT:

Topic (Science)

L.I. To learn about the weather in the UK.
To revise the seasons.

How many seasons do we have?
What are they called?


What types of weather do we have in the UK?
What symbol could you draw for rain?
What about sun or wind?



As you go through the presentation, draw symbols and add labels to show the weather that we have in each of the four seasons in the UK.




Design Technology

Are you excited about making your London taxi? We can't wait to see photographs of them.


Follow your plan as closely as you can,  but don't be afraid to make changes if you need to - that's an important part of design technology.


When you've finished, complete this evaluation sheet:



Lets finish our day with another exciting story. Click on the ivdeo when you are ready.




A Day in London Children's Story Book by Roderick Hunt, illustrated by Alex Brychta*FAIR USE*The text book and illustrations materials included in this video...

Wow!!! I am so proud of you all and thank you for all your hardwork this week. Remember to send me pictures of your work!!!


Love From 

Mrs Ahmad XXX laugh