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Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning everyone,


We've only got a few days left of home learning on the school website as we will have something even better to use soon. We'll be using a different system so that we can message each other and I can see what you're all doing. Won't that be brilliant!?


You will receive the log in details along with your report today and there's going to be an online training session for your parents early next week.


We're so excited about it and hope that you will love it as well.


For today's work, let's think about your spellings before we get going with your Guided Reading.



How did you do with your spelling test on Tuesday?

We asked you to make a list of any words that you still need to learn. Did you stick it on your fridge or have you made flashcards with the words on?


Please spend sometime this morning practising these important words.

It's also a great opportunity to practise your neat handwriting. Some of you are working on correct letter formation and making sure that your tall and small letter are clear. Some of you need to remember to have your writing sitting on the lines with the descenders hanging down. Some of you are working on your joined up writing.


Guided Reading

In today's lesson you're going to be learning how to answer a sequencing question. This is one of the hardest things that you are asked to do for KS1 Reading.


Print out the sheet (if you can).

Work through the PowerPoint.





Here's today's Flashbacks:


Today, I'd like you to play the Mental Maths Train game again, but with mixed times tables. If you're still working towards your Red badge, do Mixed tables x2, 5 and 10.

If you have your Red badge, do Mixed tables x2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10.


Hints and tips if you need them!


Did you check how many children had skateboards? 

Then you can do 3 x the number of wheels on each of their skateboards.


There are two possible answers for the homework question. It depends if you decide that Walter only works on normal school days or all seven days in a week.

You then need to times this number by 5. 


How many letters does Dennis need to buy?

You then need to times this number by 2 - or double it. 


How many months in a year?

You then need to times this number by 2 - or double it. 

The worksheets are linked in below.

There are three levels - you can choose (1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars). The answers are included too.

There are also some challenges.


Topic (Science)

L.I. To learn about the weather in the UK.
      To revise the seasons.

How many seasons do we have?
What are they called?


What types of weather do we have in the UK?
What symbol could you draw for rain?
What about sun or wind?

As you go through the presentation, draw symbols and add labels to show the weather that we have in each of the four seasons in the UK.
Make a neat copy of your work. You may want to use this sheet:



Here's today's Phonics PowerPoint. It's a tricky sound today!

Design Technology

Are you excited about making your London taxi? We can't wait to see photographs of them.


Follow your plan as closely as you can,  but don't be afraid to make changes if you need to - that's an important part of design technology.


When you've finished, complete this evaluation sheet:

Well, we've made it to the end of Friday. Are you feeling proud of yourself? You certainly should be!


See you on Monday. Have a restful weekend.


Lots of love from Mrs Stansfield, Miss Bramald and Miss Rathor