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Friday 24th April

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you who are celebrating!

Happy Friday to the rest of you!


It's the last day of the working week, but it feels like almost every other day now. Today me and Lauren are planning on doing some work, going for a walk and also watching a Disney film with Seth. We're trying to decide between Moana and Aladdin. 


It's been great to hear from you - and lots of you have been sending the emails, rather than your parents which has been lovely to know I'm speaking to you directly. Please continue to ALL get in touch, because it lets me know that you are safe and doing well. It also helps to cheers me up!


Enjoy your day - I think the world of each and every one of you!

In maths today I want you to challenge yourselves with these problems. There are a range of different questions and can take a ressilient learner to really give them a go. Use all the stratagies we have used in class to help you solve them.

Go to Summer 1 - lesson 5 (Friday)



For Guided Reading, this is going to be our last newspaper article. I am putting a choice on for you today. There is a text called 'The Iron Man', which is based around the fictional book. Or you could chose the 'Pure Hell',  which is about flooding (something we have learnt a lot about earlier on in the year). You can do which ever you prefer, some of you might want to do both and that is fantastic. I would advise you read both, even if you only answer the questions on one of the them, as they are further examples of newspaper articles that you might be able to magpie from.


After completing you final newspaper Guided Reading, I hope you have got a few new ideas to edit and improve your newspaper article. Once it is finished, I have attached a final checklist for you to assess your own work. Be objective. What is good? What could be better? Do you have anything missing? You can still edit and improve even at this stage.
Once you have finished your Maths and English, I have a fun task for the afternoon. It is a Lockdown Time Capsule. The idea is you complete the activities from the booklet and keep it for the future. This period in time is something people will learn about in the classroom when you are all super old and you will have first hand experience of what it was like to live through these strange times. There are writing tasks and drawing tasks and it even asks you to interview a member of your family.

That brings us to the end of the week, which means we are one week closer to seeing each other.


I'm going to start thinking about writing our year 6 play - I'd love some emails with suggestions of what you guys would like it to be about and include.


Missing you all.


Mr R-H