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Group 1

Hello Group 1!


I hope you have all had a good rest and enjoyed your Christmas break.


I would love for you to tell me what you got up to. Maybe you went to the park or a walk with your family. Did you eat lots of chocolate or play lots of games? Perhaps some of you got up to no good in the snow!


Before Christmas, you wrote a postcard about some of the fun things we pretended to do in the snow. Now, I would like you to write me a postcard telling me what you have been up to.


To help you, I have written a postcard to you. You can either do it on the template or write it on a piece of paper. Draw a picture on the front of something that reminds you of the time you had.

We have worked so hard at writing fantastic sentences so please remember capital letters for the start of your sentence and for names, full stops at the end, finger spaces and check that it makes sense.


Use your phonics to help you to spell out some words that you are unsure of. I have made a word mat of some words you might want to use if you get stuck.


I miss you all very much! Stay safe and wonderful!                                                                 

Miss McArdle