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Miss North's Guided Reading Group



In SPaG today, I would like you to complete another of your worksheets in your home learning pack. This activity is about prefixes and includes anti-, super-, auto-, re-, sub- and inter-.


There is also a 'spelling test' on Classroom Secrets Kids, called Year 3 and 4 Spelling Activity 1. You need to listen carefully to spell the missing word, so go somewhere more quiet in your house.

I will upload this weeks spellings tomorrow for you to learn. We will do the spelling test at the start of next week so make sure that you’re learning them. Ask a sibling or grownup to test you. 



Like I mentioned yesterday, make sure that you’re reading as much as possible! So far, only 3 children have completed an Accelerated Reader quiz – 1 of you has even completed 5! WOW! I’m impressed!

You can read your books on your own, to an adult or brother and sister, or even your teddy. It’s up to you!


I would like you to complete one of your reading comprehensions that we sent home in your pack. The text about dogs looks interesting!


Remember David Walliams will be uploading FREE audios of his stories everyday at 11am. We’ve read some of his stories in class, and had a giggle about them.