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Tomorrow morning, we are going to have a spelling test. So make sure that you’re practicing all of your words.

I will upload me reading the words to you, and I would like you to write them down. There are 10 spellings, so like normal, I would like you to write the short date at the top of your page and 1 to 10 down the side. Make sure you don’t cheat and copy them down as that won’t help you to know how to spell those words. Get someone to mark them for you when you have finished.

I have linked them below if you can’t remember what the words were.

Get practicing! I can’t wait to find out if we have any 10/10!



Make sure that you’re still reading your AR books and taking the quizzes! The link is below:



I also would like you to complete the ‘I was a rat’ comprehension in your home-learning packs. This looks interesting.

Take your time and read the questions carefully, there is no rush!