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I hope you were all able to complete the spelling test from yesterday. I heard from one of you lovely lot that they scored 8! Well done you!

I will set you some more spellings to learn on Friday.


Today’s task is named ‘Year 3 and 4 Spelling Game 1’ on Classroom Secrets Kids. This requires you to highlight the words that are spelt incorrectly in a piece of text. You are the teacher for this activity, which I know a lot of you will enjoy.

There is also an activity called ‘Common Exception Words Set 2 Year 3 and Year 4’. For this game, you need to click the correct spelling for each word, to fit in a sentence.

Both games require you to know the spelling of certain words for Year 3 and Year 4.




Make sure that you’re still reading your AR books and taking the quizzes! The link is at the top of the page.

7 of you have now completed a quiz. We have now, as a class, completed 15 quizzes! Well done! Make sure that when you are competing the quiz that you have your book with you to check for answers. Don’t rush. Take your time, it’s not a memory test.

I would rather you spend 20 minutes and get 100% than spend 2 minutes and get 20%.


I would also like you to complete the comprehension named ‘Arthur and the Sword in the Stone’  from your home-learning packsThere are 7 questions to complete, so take your time reading the text and then answer the questions carefully.