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Here are your new spellings to learn. You have a couple of weeks to learn these, as you won’t be getting any online school work in the ‘Easter Holidays’, but I want you to still be practicing as much as you can. Let’s see how high your score will be this time!




Make sure that you’re still reading your AR books and taking the quizzes! The link is at the top of the page.

2 of you completed at least one quiz yesterday. One lovely lady even did 3!

We have now, as a class, completed 18 quizzes and 4 tests have scored 100%! Well done! Let’s get even more!


Remember: Make sure that when you are completing the quiz that you have your book with you to check for answers. Don’t rush. Take your time, it’s not a memory test.

I would rather you spend 20 minutes and get 100% than spend 2 minutes and get 20%.


Today I would you to go on Classroom Secrets Kids (the link is at the top of the page) and enter the Year 3 Reading section. The activity is called Year 3 Animals Reading Comprehension Fleet. There is a bit of text to read and then 10 questions for you to answer. Try and score as highly as possible. I believe in you!