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I would like you to do the Lesson 3 on the White Rose Maths website in the Home learning section - Summer Term Wk 1. This lesson is called Lesson 3 - Compare Fractions. This continues our work from this week and before the holidays, so I am sure you'll be maths whizzes at Fractions now.

I am aware that the website hasn't been working properly because so many children up and down the country are trying at the same time. Don't worry though, you can still access the video and learning sheets. If you screen looks like the picture below, and isn't showing the video, click where it says vimeo, where the video should be.


I would also like you to visit the BBC Bitesize link (click below) and have a look at today's maths lesson. This is called 'Comparing three-digit numbers'. This will link nicely to what you have done today on fractions as you will be using the same vocabulary and symbols ( < > = )


Have fun!