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Miss North's Maths Group

Today’s maths work will still be looking at Fractions on the White Rose Maths website. You should've already completed lesson 1 yesterday which is about Unit and Non-Unit Fractions. Todays lesson is called 'Making the whole'. Like mentioned yesterday, there is a video to show you what to do, a worksheet to help you practise and then get someone to mark it for you using the answers.


Can you also look at adding and subtracting 10 and 100. There is a matching game on Classroom Secrets Kids (shown below). Remember you will need to login, which you can find in your home learning packs.

Adding tens and hundreds is something that we needed to continue to work on in class, so keep practicing. Remember, if you are adding 10s, the tens column will definitely change, and it may affect the hundreds column. However if the hundreds column changes, the tens and ones will stay the same.


You can also still be practicing your times tables, particularly your eight times table. There are 2 activities on Classroom Secrets Kids, and also some games on TopMarks.