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I hope you've all been practising your times tables as today we will be practising multiplying and dividing by 3. I heard one of you has scored 10,000 coins on TTRockstars! Well done! Make sure you're all practising a little bit everyday to keep up your amazing skills. You are all impressive with your 3 times tables, so keep it up!


Over the bank holiday weekend, I have set a tournament on TTRockstars for our class, boys vs girls. It starts today and ends on Sunday evening. For every correct answer, you will get 1 point.

Who will win? Girls or Boys?


I would like you to complete the Lesson 4 on the White Rose Maths website in the Home learning section - Summer Term Wk 3.

This lesson is called Lesson 4 - Multiply and divide by 3.



Watch the video to recap what you need to do, helping to answer the questions as you make your way through. Then, answer the worksheet that comes with it. When you have finished, mark it yourself or ask another person in your house to help.