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Miss North's Maths Group

Like yesterday, I would like you to be in charge of your learning so we're going to use our Abacus workbooks. You need to find an area of maths that you've found a bit tricky either this year, or in the past, and complete 2 pages of work on it. This should be done in your exercise book. Get someone to check it if you need to.


You will also need to look back on the White Rose Maths website to see lesson 4 of your fractions learning. This lesson is called Counting in tenths and uses what you learnt yesterday, so if you haven’t done lesson 3 yet, make sure you do that first.

I hope that you’re understanding the activities that you’re learning. Remember, you can always do some extra research to help you, or ask an older brother or sister to help you if you can.



I would also like for you to spend about 30 minutes on Times Table Rockstars. Hopefully by the end of next week, I can arrange a time during the day where you guys can compete against each other and myself. Hopefully I can get Mrs Norris, Miss Johnson and Mrs Buttery to join in too!