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I would like you to do the step 7 of the fractions topic on the White Rose Maths website. This lesson is called Lesson 2 - Step 7 - Fractions of a set of objects (1). Make sure that you have completed lessons 1-6, as this will help you complete the lessons for this week. If you haven’t, click back through last week’s folders to find out what to do. As always, there is a video to show you what to do, a worksheet to help you practice, and then get someone to mark it for you using the answers.


I would also like you to recap ‘Fractions on a number line’ on Classroom Secrets Kids. I had a couple of grownups email to say that you couldn’t log in. Click the link below to go straight to the website. Then you will need to login, click Year 3, Maths, and click to the second page to find the activity.

Like always, you have TT Rockstars to play on. I’ve heard some of you are spending lots of time on this, practising your times tables, I am so proud! I can’t wait to play with you all on Friday!