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Well done on completing your spellings yesterday. I have heard some good scores from some of your grownups.

Your job yesterday was to try and put words ending in -ous into the sentences. This was tricky so well done if you managed to get a couple of them. Here are the answers:

These are your new spellings for the week, to learn for your test next Monday.

We will be doing different activities this week to help you remember the spelling. Lets get the best score possible.




Have you heard about Captain Tom's campaign to raise money for the NHS?

I have attached a link to show you how amazing he is. He is 99 years old and has raised over 20 million pounds!

Today's reading task is all about Captain Tom. Here is the text for you to read (remember to take your time and follow with your reading finger):


You have 6 questions to answer about this text. I have attached them below. If you would like to print this activity off, click the link at the bottom of the page (there are answers on the last page - but please don't cheat!)

If you would like to send Captain Tom a card for his 100th birthday, I have attached the information below.