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Your spellings to learn this week are (test Monday 11th May):


Try and spend some time every day going over your spellings, in preparation for your test.


I would also like you to complete the activity on Classroom Secrets Kids called Year 3 There, Their or They’re Game. Practise selecting the correct homophone in this There, Their or They’re Game. What other homophones can you think of?


There is also a game to match words that have similar meanings together (synonyms). Can you pair the words together?





As this Friday is VE day, I have chosen a reading comprehension which explains what VE day is and why we celebrate it. 


Please read the text below and complete the questions in your exercise book. Remember not to look at the answers until you have answered the questions yourself. 





  1. What did VE Day mean?
  2. What had happened, for VE day to be announced?
  3. How would people know that there was good news?
  4. Name two effects that war in Europe had had on the British people.
  5. Who was Winston Churchill?
  6. Why did he announce that the next day, Tuesday, would be a holiday?
  7. Name one of the great powers.
  8. Why would some people have felt sad on VE Day?
  9. What unusual thing did the princesses do on that day?
  10. How was it shown in London that people were happy?