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Today I would like you to look at Expanded Noun Phrases, which is something that we talk about in class in our English lessons all of the time.


A noun phrase is a simple phrase built around a noun.

It contains a determiner and a noun .

For example: tree some sweets the castle



An expanded noun phrase adds more detail to the noun by adding one or more adjectives . An adjective is a word that describes a noun.

For example: huge tree, some colourful sweets, the large, royal castle


Have a go at completing the BBC Bitesize lesson which includes two videos to help you understand expanded noun phrases and then three activities.

I have also found a game that helps you to practise your spellings, punctuation and grammar, called Crystal Explorers. You have to collect all of the crystals, with some challenges along the way.



Firstly, I would like you to have a go at matching the clues to the words, based off of their meanings in a dictionary. You will be given a clue and what letter the word starts with.

Here is the link to the game:


I would also like you to have a go at this reading comprehension called Fighting Fit. Read the inspirational story of Gavin Ford in his blog about how he turned his life around after being injured in the army.



Have you read all of your AR books and completed the tests? Some of you have still not logged on. If you are having problems please let me know and I will help.