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Practise your spellings one last time before you get a someone in your house to read them to you to test you. Remember NO CHEATING!


I can’t wait to find out if we have any 10/10’s! Whatever your score, you can email me to tell me. I’d love to know! I will upload this week's spellings tomorrow.


I would also like you to have a go at activity 2 of matching the words to words with similar meanings (synonyms). Click the link below:




Today’s reading task is looking at inference. The text is about Alice in Wonderland, which is a text you might have read before, or you may have seen the films.




Read the short story then answer the questions in full sentences.





  1. Why does Alice feel tired if she is doing nothing?
  2. Why do you think Alice believes that a book with no pictures is useless?
  3. Alice says that a hot day makes you feel stupid. Do you agree with her? Explain your opinion.
  4. If the White Rabbit had not come along, do you think Alice would have made a daisy chain? Why do you think that?
  5. If Alice had thought for a moment about following the White Rabbit, do you think she would have jumped in the hole? Why do you think that?


The answers are attached below for you to mark your work, but PLEASE don’t cheat and look at them first!