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I have attached below a couple of activities for you to complete in your exercise book. The questions are about using there, their and they're correctly.

Keep your handwriting neat and take your time, answering the questions carefully.






Below is a poem. Read it carefully and then answer the 8 questions below in your exercise book. Take your time and read the questions carefully to fully understand what the question is asking.






  1. How many people were left homeless by the fire?
  2. What event is the poem about?
  3. What do the lines in the acrostic poem spell out?
  4. What does the word ‘behold’ mean? Use a dictionary to find out.
  5. ‘Every house on Pudding Lane / Got closer and closer to the flames.’ What is happening in these lines?
  6. How far away could the smoke from the fire be seen?
  7. In your own words, explain what the people of London are trying to achieve by setting off the explosions.
  8. Do you like the fact that this is an acrostic poem, or would you prefer a different layout? Why?


The answers are linked below, but don't cheat!