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Today you will be looking back at contractions.

contraction is a word made by shortening and combining two wordsWords like can't (can + not), don't (do + not), and I've (I + have) are all contractions. People use contractions in both speaking and writing.

Try the 3 questions below:



Don't forget to practise your spellings ready for Monday!



Today you have 2 reading tasks to complete. 


The first one is called 'The Comic Dinosaur' and is in the form of a comic book. 


The questions are based on inferencing (using what is in the text but digging deeper) and the structure of the text. The last question shows your understanding of the text as a whole. (The answers are linked at the bottom of the page, but don't cheat!)





  1.  The black boxes contain two sorts of information. What are they?
  2. How do we know what Ewen is thinking?
  3. In the third picture, why does Joe say: "Get ready"?
  4. Why does Hannah say: "How does he move its head"?
  5. Think of someone who hasn't seen this comic. Write down for them what happens.



The next text is called Pets. This text assesses your ability to understand and recognise the difference between a fact and an opinion.



  • Facts are definitely true.
  • They can be backed up with evidence.
  • For example, 'the Prime Minister is giving a speech.'


  • Your opinion is how you feel.
  • Other people might think differently, they have a different opinion.
  • For example, 'having a teenager as Prime Minister is a terrible idea.'