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In SPaG today, I would like you to explore nouns and pronouns. 

BBC Bitesize has some great videos and lessons to help you. 


If you can't access the website, use the sheet below. Find the nouns in the sentences and create a list.

Challenge: Can you create your own spooky sentences, finding the nouns and pronouns?




Today I would like you to read your favourite book. If you don't have any books at home, there is a website called Oxford Owl. If you sign up to Oxford Owl as a parent there is a whole library of e-books you can access from EYFS to Y6.


When you have finished reading the book, talk through what happened with someone in your house. What happened? What was your favourite part?


I would also like you to pick your favourite character, and draw them. If you have a printer at home, you could print the sheet below, or just draw it onto any paper that you have at home. 

Can you tell me why this is your favourite and why this character is important to the story?