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I would like you to focus on subordinate clauses today. 

What is a subordinate clause?


A subordinating clause is part of a sentence that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence but it is linked to the main clause using a subordinating conjunction. 




Mum is taking me for a pizza after she picks me up. 


The purple is the main clause and the green is the subordinate clause. The subordinating conjunction is - after.


You could put the subordinate clause at the beginning of the sentence. 


After she picks me upmum is taking me for a pizza.



Today I would like you to complete the next set of questions on the Florence Nightingale text. I have attached the text from yesterday, the next page of the text and also a set of new questions. Some questions are about page 3 and a set of questions about the whole text.


I have also added the answers, but do not peep until you have answered the questions yourself! 



New Questions