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As it is Monday, it is spelling test day!

Practise your spellings one last time before you get a someone in your house to read them to you to test you. Remember NO CHEATING!


I can’t wait to find out if we have any 10/10’s! Whatever your score, you can email me to tell me. I’d love to know! I will upload this week's spellings tomorrow.

Your next test will be Monday 8th June.



Today's reading comprehension is an extract from Alice in Wonderland, which we started to explore before the holidays. Read the text and answer the questions.


I will post the answers tomorrow. 





  1. What were the March Hare and Mad Hatter having?
  2. What did Alice sit on?
  3. What was being used as a cushion?
  4. Find and copy a word which means the same as polite.
  5. ...said Alice indignantly... Use a dictionary to find the meaning to the word indignantly.
  6. Place these events in the order they occurred in the text.
    1. The Mad Hatter asked a riddle.
    2. Alice was offered some wine.
    3. Alice saw the table outside the house.
    4. Alice sat down at the table.
  7. What impressions do you get of Alice from this extract? Give two impressions. Refer to the text in your answer.
  8. What do you think Alice will do next?