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Yesterday, you were looking at nouns and pronouns. How many could you spot in the piece of text?

Today, I would like you to look at adjectives. I know how fab you are at using them in your writing, but do you know what they are and can you spot them in a piece of text.

BBC Bitesize have created a great lesson for you to explore adjectives, with some videos and great little activities for you to do.


I have also attached 8 sentences that include adjectives. Can you see if you identify the adjectives in these sentences? I counted 19.


Now rewrite all of the sentences above. Add more detail by extending the sentences or adding in another adjective to make them more exciting.


Example: The cat had beautiful, green eyes and a gorgeous tail.



I have added two short reading comprehensions today. One is called Gary's Big Adventure and the other is called People of the Rainforest. Read the text carefully and then answer the questions in your book. Remember, you don't need to write out the question.

If you want to print them, that is fine too.


Pick which one you would like to do, however if you could do both that would be amazing!