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In your SPaG activity today, I would like you to use your spellings that will be in your test on Monday to write some sentences. For each word, write one sentence that includes the word. You could even write a short story, trying to include all 10 words!

I am looking for the correct use of capital letters, full stops or any other pieces of punctuation (maybe ? or !) and that you sentences make perfect sense. Read them aloud to hear if you have missed any words out or if anything needs editing. 

If you can use more than one of the spellings in a sentence, that's amazing!

Here's mine to give you an idea:


Mora was a famous explorer who went on extremely dangerous missions. When she was little, she liked to climb things and hide in secret places, so her parents said she was very mischievous. Today, she was going on a ridiculous mission. She had to climb to the top of a mountain to find the poisonous potatoes! She knew this was possible, as she was undeniably adventurous. She was nervous, but, if she succeeded in this mission, she would be known as Marvellous Mora!




Today, you have a reading comprehension called 'The man who bought a mountain'. How crazy does that sound?

Read the text carefully, then answer the 7 questions in your exercise book.