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Here are your answers for yesterday's wordsearch. Some of the words were backwards and upside-down, so well done if you found them all!

The words on this wordsearch are your spellings for this week. Your test will be next Monday, like normal, so get practising!


I would also like you to complete these 2 lessons on verbs and adverbs from the BBC Bitesize website. This will be really helpful for when you return to school.




I have attached 2 short pieces of reading today, both about one of our favourite topics, Romans! We loved learning about this so I thought we could use what we know, and learn some more. Both texts are very short and only have 4 questions each, so please do both. You can answer them in your exercise books.

(Ignore the numbers down the sides of both texts, they just tell us how many words we have read)


Text 1


Text 2