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Today I would like us to practise using apostrophes to combine words together. I know most of you are starting to use these in your writing anyway, but let's keep practising.


Sometimes we contract words to make them easier to say or write. This means that we combine them together and make them smaller.

For example: She will = she'll

                        Do not = don't


BBC Bitesize uploaded a great lesson which includes:

  • two videos to show you how to use apostrophes to combine two words

  • four activities


The last activity is a game where you have to unscramble the letters to spell the word correctly. I must admit, I had a go and it is quite fun! cheeky




Let's start by looking at some 'word in context' type questions.


Read the sentence and select which definition makes sense for the word in bold.


Which word is the synonym of the word in bold? 

(Remember a synonym means a word that has a similar meaning)


Now lets answer some questions. Here are 2 pieces of text; one is called Amazing Human Body! and the other is called Ozmo and the Little Wizard. Have a go at both of them as there are only 8 questions in total.


Amazing Human Body!

Ozmo and the Little Wizard