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Monday 11th January

Good morning 4A, 


I hope you have had a really good weekend and are ready to get back to learning. This week is exciting as we will be moving onto using Microsoft Teams shortly. At the top of the page, I have included 3 things that your grown-ups can encourage you to do everyday - daily reading and Accelerated Reader quizzes, TT Rockstars to practice your times tables and daily practice of your spellings. There is lots of work to do today so try your very best. 


Lots of love, 


Miss Anwar


Here are the answer's for Friday's re-cap activity! How many did you get right?


Have a go at today's re-cap activity:


Today's lesson is based on multiplying 3 numbers. Watch the video tutorial below:

Complete the White Rose Maths sheets first. Mark your answers afterwards. 
Here are extra worksheets to practice your varied fluency skills and reasoning/problem-solving skills. Answers have been attached so you can mark your answers. 



Today's guided reading text is based on Edward the Confessor, an important historical figure in our 1066 topic. Read through the text a couple of times - this text is a historical fact file - will it be fiction or non-fiction? Once you have read through the text, have a go at the questions. 



Here are the answer's so you can mark your work:



The Black Hat – Lesson 1

Watch the video clip until you reach 32 seconds up, where the boy goes into the woods and finds the hat.

Re-watch the video and think about the following question - What do we know about the boy?

What have we seen and heard from the film? For example: He lives in an old forest cabin with his mute grandmother. He is lonely, young and quite ordinary.


Task 1

What adjectives can you pick out from the first 32 seconds of the video? Write as many in a list as you can.

Example - the boy was lonely


Write as many in a list as you can.


Task 2: We are going to use these words, and the words below to put into a ‘Zone of Relevance’.


The Zone of Relevance categorises words that are relevant to the topic.

  • In the green section, we would include words that we could use to describe the boy, for example lonely.
  • In the yellow section, we would write words that are not as linked to the boy but could still be used, such as plain.
  • In the red section, we would write words that are not linked to the boy, such as old.


Using the adjectives that you have come up with, the words below and any other words you might find in a thesaurus, categorise your words into the Zone of Relevance. I have done one for you. You could do yours as circles or a grid, like below:








On Monday afternoon, we usually do topic and today we are going to learn about an important event that happened in 1066 - the Battle of Hastings. I have attached an information powerpoint - your first job is to read through it. 



There are around 8 important events that happened during the Battle of Hastings! 


Your task is to create a cartoon strip of these 8 important events on the template below:


Have a look through the powerpoint for some ideas on what pictures you can draw. If you are finding it hard to write your own sentences, magpie from my examples above. 


We haven't done PE in a while and it is time to reunite with our old friend, Mr Joe Wickes. This is one of his videos from last summer but it won't hurt for us to have a go at one of his workout. He is making new videos so keep your eye out for those!