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Monday 11th May


Hello everyone! 

Happy Monday! 

if you’ve heard your grown ups talking about yesterday’s news then we’ve heard at some point we may be back at school. We don’t know how it will look yet and there are - as always lots more questions than answers. 

We still miss you as much as ever and for now we’ll keep going with our AMAZING home learning! 


The weather has been wonderful this weekend hasn’t it? 

What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: It was bank holiday weekend so we’ve had three lovely days off! I did lots of work last week so I was super excited to have the break. We have fully enjoyed the lovely sunshine and spent lots of time in the garden. We celebrated VE Day and had our two minutes silence. I pulled up lots of cheeky weeds and we got the paddling pool out again. 

On Sunday I was feeling tired so we snuggled up on the sofa and watched the Disney movie ‘Brave’. Have you seen it? I like it because she has ginger hair like me and my girls! We did some painting on Sunday too. I did a sunset and some birds. I’ll show you! 

What did you do this weekend? You could email and tell us! :)