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Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning 2S,


Have you had a good weekend? Did you do anything special for V.E. Day? We joined with our neighbours for a sing-a-long. We sang 'We'll Meet Again' by Vera Lynn and some of the other songs from World War 2. It made me think about my Grandad who was a soldier. He was captured and kept as a prisoner of war for 5 years. Luckily, he came home at the end of the war and married my Grandma. Here's a picture of him:


Have you asked the older members of your family what they know about the war? You'll find it very interesting, I'm sure.


Below is today's work, but I was wondering how many of you are doing Joe Wicks? I've managed to do it every day, even when I'm in school. Here's the link again:



It's your last chance to practise your spellings before you ask a parent or an older sibling to test you:


Did you get 10 out of 10?


This week's spelling work is a little bit different. We're going to be focussing on homophones. They are quite easy words to spell but they are easy to confuse so it's all about using them in the right places within our sentences.


Can you spot the homophones in these sentences? Remember, they will sound the same, but they have slightly different spellings. Of course, their meanings are different, as well.

Here are the answers:

There won't be a normal list of spellings to learn this week, but the activities will help you learn how to use homophones correctly. Next Monday's test will be sentences with missing words for you to fill in. (All of the missing words will be homophones.)




Here's a super PowerPoint all about the International Space Station:

Here are some questions to answer about the ISS. Retrieve the answers from the PowerPoint. Don’t rely on your memory.



I've found a super game to get your brains warmed up today. When you get your questions correct, you get to play golf! 

When you enter the game, this is the level that I need you to select:

White Rose Maths have changed how they're sharing their Maths planning this week, but don't worry because school pays for all of the resources so we'll still be able to use them. In fact, I'll now be able to give you direct links to the videos, worksheets and answers so it will be much easier.
Let's start with a Flashback to make sure that you remember things that we've already done. You'll need to press Play  really quickly when it comes on the screen and then click when you're ready to check each answer.
Here's today's Maths video. I'm hoping that you'll find the Maths that's involved pretty easy as we've done this in class quite a while ago. Part of the activity involves designing and/or creating your own obstacle course. I'd love you to do this. You could even send me photos or videos of you doing it.


Here's the front cover from a new book that we're going to be using. It's an interesting book, even though it doesn't have many words in; it's amazing how many questions can still be asked and answered, though.



This week in RE we are going to explore different accounts of the creation of the sky and Heaven.


Different religions and cultures have different ways of explaining how the world was created. Some people believe in Heaven and the afterlife - this is very important to them. Many people imagine Heaven is a perfect world or a paradise. Today you are going to be focusing on the sky and Heaven.


How would you describe the sky?

How would you describe Heaven or paradise?


Look through these images of the sky. Read the extracts from the creation stories and the descriptions of Heaven.

Let's finish our day with some singing. Go to Week 5 and you'll see that it starts with one of our favourite songs.

Well, that's all for the day. Don't forget to be good for your parents; they're working really hard to make sure that you're keeping up with your school work. Have you said 'Thank you' to them? Have you given them a big hug?


See you tomorrow

Love from

Mrs S xxx