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Monday 11th May

Welcome back 5G


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I have really enjoyed the weather and have spent as much time as possible in the garden, lots of gardening and tidying up, but also some time relaxing, reading and a BBQ. Saturday night was our weekly family quiz, Ava was quiz master this week and we all had to dress up. It was lots of fun but my team didn't win again! You know I don't like losing, next week we have lots of music questions, so I am going to have to start learning music trivia.


Back to work now, Spellings and Arithmetic tests this morning. I'm attaching next weeks spellings below and the new Arithmetic quiz is on the Maths folder. Time yourself and hopefully those scores are still increasing. You can do it!


The revision topic today for Maths is area of a rectangle.

Summer Term - Week 4 (w/c 11th May) - Lesson 1 - Area of rectangles The video is on the site and the worksheets and answers are attached below. There is extra help on the BBC Bitesize website.


For English this week, I am going to link the Reading and Writing tasks. We are going to be thinking about writing a narrative (non-fiction story) and our genre is going to be Sci-Fi. The reading task will be a different space themed text, some fiction and some fact so you can get as much knowledge as possible to help you with your writing. I am also attaching a WAGOLL each day of a fantastic example of a Sci-Fi narrative - today's is a story based on a true event. I will put the task on each day as a reminder but don't print it each day. If you need any help, get your grown up to email me.
For those of you that have decided to read Private Peaceful from the online book link I provided two weeks ago, there are further Guided Reading challenges. These are on the Reading folder and can be accessed for you to complete as additional practice.

For our Science lesson today, we are going to try an experiment to make invisible ink. Most of you will have the equipment at home. The instructions are on the link and if you don't have lemon juice it gives you alternatives that will also work. Have fun making secret messages for people in your family. Don't forget to read the 'What's happening?' section as that's where you get the science knowledge. Maybe you could try a few different ingredients and work out which is best.

If you had fun, there are lots of great ideas on this website so have a look through and try out the quizzes or a different experiment.


Finally, I have seen some amazing pictures that have been in the media. Which use our inference skill (remember those from Guided Reading). What are the pictures inferring? Can you do a piece of art that has the same message?

I hope they made you go wow! They made me get goosebumps, so now you need to get your pencils out and see if you can produce a piece of amazing art. I want to see them so get your grown ups to email me and they can go on the Photo Gallery.


Have fun and stay safe.


Mrs Garside