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Monday 13th July


Happy Monday Year 3!


I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. What have you been up to? We would love to hear from you via email about what you have been doing?


I have had a lovely weekend, enjoying the sunny weather. On Saturday, I helped my brother repack his room, ready to move back to his University apartment. The house will definitely be quieter without him! In the evening, a couple of my friends came round and we sat and watched a movie in the garden with lots of goodies to nibble on. 

On Sunday, my mum and I did some shopping, getting lots of presents as we've got a few birthdays and celebrations coming up in the coming weeks. We then got a cheeky McDonalds on the way home. I have definitely missed it!


I can't believe this would've been our last week in school and will now be your last week of home learning before the long summer break. We haven't been in school together for 112 days! How quickly has that gone?


I hope you all have a lovely day, and that the weather stays as lovely as it had been all weekend. I am in the Key Worker room for part of my day, so I hope it stays sunny so that we can do some of our learning outside. 


Speak soon.

Love from,

Miss North x

Happy Monday Year 3,


I hope you are all well and that you have had a super weekend. I have had a lovely weekend. I bought myself a bike so that I could go riding with Jacob. I have not ridden a bike for over 25 years and so I was a bit nervous. It took me a couple of minutes to pluck up the courage to get both feel off the floor but when I did I really enjoyed it. 


We went cycling down the Trans Pennine Trail which goes through Penistone where I live. We have even persuaded Mr Martin to buy a bike. 


Unbelievably, it is the last week of this School year. I wish that you were in school with me so that we could spend it together. Please send me a email telling me what you are doing this week. I would love to hear from you. 


Love from 


Mrs Martin



This week we will be practising our addition and subtraction skills. Today's lesson is all about adding a 1-digit number to a 3-digit number. This is a skill that we looked at back in the Autumn Term, and have been building on throughout the year, so you should be fine with this. Remember though, you may need to exchange!



Today's reading activity is on a newspaper article on Marcus Rashford.  Marcus Rashford, the talented Manchester United and England footballer, has persuaded the government to provide children with vouchers over the summer who get free school meals.

Read the text carefully and then answer the questions.

The answers are also included, but don't be peeking!



Today's writing activity is based on the photo, 'Under the Bed'. Explore the photo and then have a go at answering the inference questions. These questions will help with your writing throughout this week.

There is also a challenge included: 

Can you write some sentences describing the sounds that came from under the bed?

Back to School Activities

Getting Ready for September


Have a go at this activity based on what it has been like in Lockdown and at home. This activity is called 'School Closure 2020 Snapshots'. Fill in the bubbles, with pictures or words, explaining what it has been like, who you have seen, what the weather has been like. 

This will be great to look back on in many years time, maybe even when you have children or grandchildren, and you can tell your families what it was like to be a child in lockdown. 



Learn about pulse, rhythm and the character of music with Florence Price and the Juba Dance.

This lesson includes:

  • one video exploring Florence Price and the Juba Dance

  • four activities to try at home

Click the link below to enter the activity: