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Monday 13th July 2020


Good Morning Children and Your Parents. laugh


We hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend break. Did you all manage to do something nice over the weekend? We were so pleased the weather was nicer. We have been busy planning another exciting week and this will be your last school week for this year as we will be finishing for the summer holidays. We hope you enjoy it!


Here are today’s activities:

Let's get started with today's tasks, starting with a Joe Wicks workout:


Spelling Test:

We hope you have practiced your spellings from last week. Don’t worry, you can all have another practice before we do our test. GOOD LUCK!



This week, we are going to look at a spelling rule for adding a particular prefix to lots of different root words. A prefix is a letter or group of letters added at the beginning of a root word that creates a new word with a different meaning. We are going to concentrate on adding the prefix… ‘dis’.

Your spelling test will take place on Friday this week because of the holidays, so you only have four days to practise!


Here is this week's spelling test:



Today’s phonics story is actually called “Transition Week.” If we were all in school, that's exactly what we would have been doing. We are learning to read words containing the prefix dis-.

Activity 1- Mr Clumsy has been juggling with this week’s dis-prefix and he’s got in a real muddle. Could you help him to unjumble each word using the clues to help?


Activity 2 Can you match the dis- words to each picture?

Challenge: Write some new sentences that contain these words.


Activity 3 –Play the opposite word game.


Break Time: Let’s do a mindfulness activity. Just click on the video.

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Mental and Oral starter Activity:

This week for your mental and oral starter activity you will be completing money word problems:




Here's your Flashback page to help you remember things that we've already learned. Press play quickly when you open up the PowerPoint so that you don't see the answers until you're ready!


This week in Maths we are going to be consolidating work on place value ready for year 3 when you will be learning about 3-digit numbers. Today we are going to be comparing the number of objects.

Here is today’s video:




Here is your task for today:


You must remember to use our dots trick when writing the greater than and less than signs. The largest amount has 2 dots and the smallest amount has just one dot. Then join the dots up in order from top, to middle, to bottom.

                                                   < or >


Problems of the day:



Break time: I think it's time for us to get moving with Super Movers. When you are ready click on the link to play the video.




Have you emailed your completed report for your teacher? Please, please, take a photograph and send it to us as we can't wait toread what you have written about us!


This week in English we are going to be doing some work on grammar and punctuation. In today’s lesson we are going to be focusing on apostrophes. You can use apostrophes to show that you have omitted (left out) some letters when you are joining words together. These special words are called contractions.

For example, you can join the words ‘you’ and ‘are’ together: you + are = you're. The apostrophe takes the place of the removed letter(s). In this example, the letter a. Sometimes, however, you need to rearrange the letters a bit when you contract the words. For example: will + not = won't.


Here is a today’s video:

There are three short video clips to watch and then a quiz to complete.



Here are your English tasks:

You can check your answers when you have finished completing your tasks.





Lunch time:  You must all be ready for lunch by now.


Guided Reading:

Can you practice reading this text with fluency and expression. Read it a few times so you become familiar with the text.



Here is today’s task:





Discuss times when you felt scared. Did you feel scared during a thunderstorm? Did you feel worried at night when it was all dark? Were you ever lost at the shops?

Can you describe how it feels being scared and how you feel when the problem has been resolved?


Use the PowerPoint to read the story from the Bible: 'Jesus calms the storm'. 

Why do you think the disciples were scared about what was happening? 

What might the disciples have said to each other during the storm?


Why do you think Jesus told the disciples not to be worried about what was happening? What do you think the disciples might have said to Jesus after he had calmed the storm?


Some people pray to God when they are worried and scared about something.

What do you think somebody could say to God to help them not worry about the dark or if they are lost? 

How do you think a prayer might help them to overcome their fear or worry?



Pretend to be one of Jesus's disciples. Write a short prayer to God thanking him for looking after them in relation to the story.  

Extension Activity:

Can you describe other times that people might be worried that something bad was going to happen? Read the scenario cards about different situations, each time suggesting reasons why the person felt scared and ways to overcome the fears and worries.

What might have been said by characters during each of the different scenarios?




In Music this week are going we are going sing some of your favourite songs.

Click on the videos to play when you are ready to sing.

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Give It All You Got(Lyrics)

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Good to be me

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

And try out this new one, too:

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Story Time:

It’s always good to finish the day off with a story. Make sure you are sitting nice and comfortably.

🦖 Kids Book Read Aloud: MY GRANDPA IS A DINOSAUR by Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones

Wanda has been watching her Grandpa for a very long time, and she is almost certain he is a dinosaur. Why won't anyone believe her? Come read with me and fin...

We hope you've had a fab day and enjoyed all the activities. Thank you for all your hard work today!


Bye for now and see you tomorrow.

Love from 

Mrs Stansfield and Mrs Ahmad laugh