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Monday 13th July

Morning wonderful people and welcome to your last official week of Primary School.


I've been thinking of you all over the weekend and hoping that it's not all too overwhelming for you all. It's such a shame that we've been robbed of the 2nd half of our year together.


Myself, Mrs Allen and Mrs Ahmed are trying to arrange a date before September that we can have you all in and have our leaving assembly etc. I will be in contact with you all through the summer holidays.


My weekend was spent doing things like going to Cannon Hall and looking at the animals. Seth loves this, and he got to do it with his best friend, so we had a happy time.


Have a wonderful week!

For maths you are going to focus on creating the nets of 3d shapes.


It's important to watch the video carefully to help you, and then complete the worksheets before checking the answers. 


Week 12, Lesson 1:


For reading you are going to do another set of questions, this time based on a speech given to announce the end of WW2.


You should ignore the first 3 pages and start from there. 


Do the first two pages of questions and check your answers, which are at the back.

Your 2nd English task is about analysing texts. 


Watch the videos before completing your work.

Mrs Walker's group A


This week we are going to focus on measurement.  Today's questions are about mass which is measured in grams.  Watch this video before you answer the questions.

Mrs Walker's group B


This week we are going to focus on money.  Today you need to find the total cost of the items by adding them together.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the information about Wimbledon and answer the questions.


Correct the spelling of all the words that circled.  Then read the sentences and find the words that are spelt incorrectly.  Correct those words too.

Your afternoon task is a Science lesson.


It is all about electricity - something many of us would struggle to live without.