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Monday 15th June

Morning all - I hope you've had a great weekend!


We went for nice walks, had a picnic on the moors with my parents, and then visited Lauren's mum and dad and sat in their garden. Things even started to feel almost normal!


I'd love to hear from you about your weekends.


I've yet to hear from a lot of you in regards to the emails I've sent, so I will be ringing parents this week to check in on how you're all getting on.


Miss you as always!


Mr R-H

For maths today you are going to solve two-step algebraic equations. 

You need to watch the video for week 8 lesson 1 and then complete the worksheets.

For reading I'd like you to focus on the questions for setting and mood which relate to chapter 16.

There is only 2 questions, but they both require extended answers. 

I'm attaching the text again, so that you can use it to find evidence to back up your answers. 


Mrs Walker's group A


This week we will be focusing on telling the time.  Click here to watch a video and then complete the worksheet below.

Mrs Walker's group B


This week we will be focusing on place value.  Click here to watch a video and then complete the worksheet below.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

This week, for reading and writing, we will be studying rainforests.


Read Gary's Big Adventure and answer the questions.


Today you are going to research animals and plants that are threatened by deforestation (cutting down the trees in the rainforest).  You need to find 6 animals or plants that have been affected by deforestation and write down some information about them.  You will write the information on the worksheet below.  I have done the first one for you (Peruvian Woolly Monkey) so you need to find 6 more.  

Mr R-H's Writing

Today we are going to focus on some poetry skills.


Watch the videos and complete the different activities.


Back to BBC Bitesize for an Art and Design task today.


History - this is a year 5 lesson, but one that is well worth a look

Finally, I have a History task on the Vikings. I think you will like this.


Have fun and I'll speak to you tomorrow.