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Monday 18th May

Good morning


I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I miss hearing about what you have been up to as you come in on a Monday morning. I had a great weekend, I painted a ceiling that has been on my 'To do list' for ages. I also got dressed up in fancy dress for the family quiz, I dressed as Cyndi Lauper (an 80's singer - you have probably all never heard of), Ben was Darth Vader and Ava was Tereasa May. We came third so all my music revision last week didn't help me a great deal. Then on Sunday we had a lazy day in the garden as it was sunny. I also finished reading 'Goodnight Mr Tom', what a fantastic book, I would definitely recommend.


Back to work. We will start with Spellings and Arithmetic tests. You know what to do. The new spellings are below and the Arithmetic test is in the Maths folder. As you can see, I have added additional resources for the spellings this week, a couple of fun tasks and handwriting practice.

In addition for Maths, we have the home learning from the White Rose, again this is revision of a previous topic from earlier in the year.

Summer Term - Week 5 (w/c 18th May) - Lesson 1 - Add and subtract fractions.

Worksheets are attached below. Don't forget to look at the interactive games on the Maths folder.

For English this week we have some really fun extracts from fictional books for Guided Raeding. We will then do a small daily task linked to the text. Today we are starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it's the chapter when Charlie steps into the Chocolate Room where everything is edible and a huge waterfall and river of chocolate churns the chocolate for the whole factory.
Your task is now attached, you can open it as a pdf or a powerpoint. You will write a setting in the Chocolate Factory. You can re-design and describe a room that is found in Roald Dahl's book or can you use your imagination and come up with a whole new room - make sure it is as fantastically, whizz poppingly amazing as Roald Dahl would have designed. I have attached a WAGOLL of a fairground which cleverly uses the senses and I think there are definitely some phrases you could magpie. Remember this is a shorter task so I am looking for one or two paragraphs. You will have a different task tomorrow.

This afternoon tasks starts with Science. I know many of you are interested in future roles  linked to medicine. The link below has some interactive games and videos to watch all linked to medicines and science. Have fun whilst learning lots of information about medicines and the development of medicines.


Your final task is a 3D art task. I am attaching a link to an old Art Attack programme, if you skip to 16.30 minutes through the clip, he uses an old box and a few other bits to make a Picasso style 3D head. There are lots of other ideas for sketch and painting if you want to watch the whole programme. If you don't have the equipment I have attached a couple of pictures for inspiration so you can try a Picasso of your own, with pencils, pens or collage.

Don't forget to send me pictures of anything you make.


Have fun and stay safe.


Mrs Garside