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Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning 2S,


It's my husband's birthday today so the girls and I asked him what he would like to do to try and make it a bit special. His answer was to do an extra long walk now that we're allowed to have more than an hour of exercise, so yesterday we did the 'Three Peaks of Marsden' route which is 10 miles! My feet were sore and I'm aching today!


Today we're going to treat him to a takeaway pizza and Georgia has made him some of his favourite flapjack.


Have you done anything special this weekend? 


We have just this week to get through, then we'll have a week off for half-term, which you definitely deserve! I am so proud of you all for your hard work. You are amazing!


Here is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE like I do:


Here are your activities to complete today starting with spelling:



Here's a great spelling activity all about homophones to warm your brain up. You'll need to read the words to match them up and it will get you talking, too. Think about the difference between each pair and what the words mean.

I was only going to do the first 10 levels, but I just couldn't stop! How far will you go?


I told you last week that today's spelling test will be a bit different. I have written 10 sentences with gaps in and your job is to write a list of the 10 words that I have missed out. You'll need to write a list of the numbers 1-10 to get ready. Remember, they'll all be homophones so think carefully about how you spell each one.


1. When you move into year three, you will be in key stage _____.


2. How many ____ the art tasks did you do last week?


3. Some children left ______ P.E. kits at school.


4. ______ will be R.E. work to do this afternoon.


5. It is ____ quiet in school without you all.


6. I wonder what the children are missing most? I think ______ are really missing their friends.


7. Did you make the rocket that you made blast ____ into space?


8. I hope that you are going ___ get a good score in this spelling test.


9. I like sweets but _________ not very healthy.


10. When we went on our walk ________ were only a few other people.


Are you ready for the answers?


Don't peek until you're ready!


Here they come...


1. two

2. of

3. their

4. There (Capital letter as it's at the start of the sentence.)

5. too

6. they

7. off

8. to

9. they're

10. there


I'll set your new spellings tomorrow.



Please find the notes that you made on Friday about how the space shuttle works.

Copy a really neat version of your labelled diagram of a space shuttle onto Bolts’ Report Sheet. Make sure that all of your labels are horizontal.

Now use your notes to write the explanation of how a shuttle works.


Here’s my WAGOLL:

After months of preparation, the shuttle is ready to be launched into space from the launch pad. The booster rockets are ignited and they give the shuttle its lift-off, but after only two minutes they fall back to earth with parachutes. The fuel tank is filled with enough fuel to fill a swimming pool but it only lasts nine minutes and then the orbiter’s engines fire up to give the shuttle its final push into space. Did you know that a space shuttle takes off like a rocket but lands like a glider? How awesome it would be to be a commander or pilot of a space shuttle!


 Remember to write in full sentences using capital letters and full stops for each one. You may also need to use commas, question marks or exclamation marks. What punctuation have you included today?



How did you like the Fixby Family newsletter on Friday? Could you find all of the answers to the quiz? I hope so.

I thought it was wonderful!


We're back to Beegu today. You'll need to look closely at the pictures from the Beegu book to help you to answer the questions. Picture books offer lots of opportunity for discussion and sharing of ideas.

There are no correct answers, just good ideas! Being able to give your own opinion is really important.






Here's today's Flashback. These are really important as they check that you can still do things that you learnt a while ago.

Here's today's video all about how multiplication and repeated addition link together:

Here's your Problems of the Day:

Here's a great game to practice all of your multiplication skills. You'll need to choose the Multiplication and division topic.

I'd love you to play all 3 levels today: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


This week in RE we are going to find out how and why Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Some of you will be celebrating next weekend, won't you?


Eid al-Fitr (sometimes also written as Eid ul Fitr) happens at the end of Ramadan. On this day Muslims celebrate the end of fasting and they thank God for giving them the strength and self-control to fast. Have a look through these PowerPoint slides and discuss the different ways in which Eid is celebrated:


Eid may be celebrated by the giving of cards, sharing sweets, using henna and visiting friends and family. Muslims often wear new clothes for this special celebration.


Here is a video of henna being applied:


Here is your task; look back at the PowerPoint for clues.

Not everyone celebrates Eid, but we all like an opportunity to wear our best clothes. Think about an occasion when you get to dress up.

You might also like to make an Eid card. You could use this template and ideas or just make your own.



Follow this link to do your singing.

There are also activities linked to the songs that you might like to explore. I particularly like this one to do with your family at a meal time:


This particular activity links to a song called 'Count your blessings'. It's a song with a Caribbean theme. You can find it in the 'Wow and Wonder' section.


I hope you've had a lovely day!


Take care

Love from Mrs S xxx