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Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning 4A, 


I hope you've had a great weekend. We are in the final week of Ramadan now - it has gone by so fast!


When I was last in school, I took home all of our topic work and bound them into a booklet with a really nice cover. Some of your work didn't have names on but I know your handwriting so knew who's work it was straight away. I have nearly finished binding them this weekend and have written your reports. I'm super proud of your progress from September. 


I just want to say thank you to the parents who have sent me messages of support recently and have thanked me for the school work that is being put up. I really appreciate it and I am glad most of you are engaging with it. 


Take care x



Skipping Challenge


I did 100 skips in 5 minutes. Can you beat this? Let's see how many you can do!





The lesson for today on White Rose did not align with the content for the rest of the week so I'd like you to watch this video (it's about fractions)



Here are the worksheet and the answers. 

Reading Comprehension

Mrs Martin has found a really lovely reading comprehension based on The Secret Garden and a writing task to go with it. 





I want you to plan your own setting description of a secret garden today. (You will write this tomorrow)


I have attached a planning sheet to help you gather your ideas.


Begin with the picture of the hidden door. Think about how the door is hidden? Where have you found the door? What is covering it? What is it made of?

Add all this detail to you picture. 

You might want to write some key words around your picture to help you with your writing tomorrow.


Then move on to think about how you felt as you opened the door. How did your feelings effect your body? Did you get butterflies or sweaty hands? Did you step back in fear? Were you really excited and not able to stand still? You choose.


What was the first thing you saw? Use adjectives to describe it. Can you include some similes, metaphors or even personification?


What did you see next - continue to describe in detail. Paint a picture for the reader using your words. 


What could you hear - is is calm and peaceful or is it busy and noisey? 


Describe how you feel now you are in the garden?


The more detail you add on your planning sheet the better your writing will be tomorrow.




Setting Description Planning Sheet

Afternoon Work


Here are a range of science activities for you to have a go at: