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Monday 18th May




Here we are again - the start of a new week! 


How was your weekend? What did you get up to? 


Here's our last learning week before half term - let's do this!


Work this week: 

In Maths we are going to be looking at the number 20 and doubling and halving (sharing).
Mrs Atkinson has got lots of phonics planned for you - let's do this!


What have we been up to? 

Miss Day: We've had a lovely weekend here, went to feed the ducks, spent some time in our allotment and doing some painting. On a Friday we always have a movie night, sweets and popcorn. This week we watched Harry Potter - our favourite!

We went to feed the chickens again, Nora loves going up to feed the chickens. I'll show you a picture :) We've started putting Poppy and Rosie in with out new chicks and they all seem to be getting along - hooray! 



Messy Colour Mixing

I filmed this video for you all on Friday but it was VERY cheeky and would not upload! If you fancy some messy colour mixing, have a go!