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Monday 18th May

Happy Monday 3/4M


This weekend seems to have whizzed by. I can't believe that it is Monday already. I have had a lovely weekend. Jacob is getting really good on his bike now and loves going out on it. Yesterday, we took an afternoon tea to Mr Martin's mum, she has been stuck at home on her own for the last few weeks and is feeling fed up. We dropped it off and stood at the bottom of her garden and had a chat. It was lovely to see her and she loved the scones and cakes too. 


Let me know what you have been up to this weekend. Send me an email and some photos and I can add them to our web page if your grown ups agree. I really do like to receive your emails, they cheer me up. 


Please see below for today's work:





Today I have attached a reading comprehension about the author AA Milne who wrote the famous Winnie the Pooh books. The answers are on the last sheet but don't peek until you have completed the questions. 

Reading Comprehension



As it is Monday, it is spelling test day. Ask your grown ups to test you on last weeks words. I have attached the new spellings and definition sheet for this week. 

I have also attached an activity about irregular plural nouns. These are the nouns that you can't just add an 's' to make them plural.


For example:


Regular plural nouns:     table   / tables        house / houses        dog / dogs


Irregular plural nouns:    child / children        person / people       mouse / mice

Irregular Plural Nouns



I hope you improved your results on Friday's arithmetic test. Every week you need to try to improve your score. If there are any that you got wrong then practise those this week. 


I have added the White Rose videos and work sheets for today's work below.


Year 3 - Lesson 1 - Unit and Non Unit fractions

Year 4 - Lesson 1 - Recognise tenths and hundreths


Remember your TT Rockstars. 30 minutes a day will really help. I haven't forgotten about doing a class competition but on Friday I was busy calling parents. I will sort it for a day this week. 

Take a break for lunch and have a rest. If you have a garden you could go outside and get some fresh air. If you don't then go to your favourite place in your house and relax. 


This afternoon, I would like you to choose an activity or even 2 from the STEM challenge sheet. I have attached the new sheet for this week and there are some great ideas. I like the marble run idea. I think Jacob will love that one too. Please send me photos of the work you do. 

Stem Challenges 18th May

Remember to stay active each day as well. How many sit ups or star jumps can you do? Can you run on the spot for 2 minutes? Why not choose some exercises and do them every day, seeing if you can build your strength and stamina. 


See below for some ideas:


Sit ups

Press ups

Star Jumps


Jogging on the spot

Thought of the day:

Have a great day.


Love Mrs Martin