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Monday 19th October

Good morning 2S,


Here are your tasks for today, starting - of course - with your spelling test.

Please ask a parent to test you, but make sure that you do the correct list!

Please take the opportunity this week to go over all of the words we have learnt so far. They are really important words for your work in Y2.

Here is the final set of these words for you to learn. Your test for these will be on Tuesday 3rd November when we are back at school.



Please work through this PowerPoint which will remind you about split digraphs:

There's a song coming up called 'Mike the Pike'. Do you know what a pike is?


Collect the split digraph words from the song.







Mike the Pike: long vowel sound 'i' (i-e split digraph/magic e) by phab fonics

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

I know you love our Phonics games, so here's one for you to play today:


Which i_e split digraph words are represented on these pictures?

Did you identify all of the pictures?

Did you remember to drop the 'e' before adding the -ing suffix?


Here are the answers:

divide          dividing                               five

hike             hiking                                 spine

file               filing                                   pile              piling


bike             biking                                 smile           smiling

bride                                                      slide            sliding

fire               firing                                  wire             wiring


Can you see that the bond to 10 (4 and 6) have filled up the first tens frame and then the three extras are in the second tens frame?





Here is today's worksheet:

Here are today's challenges:


In Friday's lesson, we started a letter to a Reception child after reading the story 'Mae's First Day at School'.

We revised how to set out the school's address at the start of a letter. Can you remember the full address? Where are capital letters required? See if you can do it correctly.


Here is the start of my letter:

You have already written your own opening paragraph, so our next paragraph is about the staff in Reception and how they will help the child to settle in.


Here are some words and phrases that will help you, but I'm sure that you will have your own ideas, too.

 Before you write your paragraph, have a look at my WAGOLL. I'm sure that yours will be just as good - or even better! Remember to think one sentence at a time and write it down with the capital letters and full stops, exclamation marks or question marks.




Important skills in Reading are making predictions and making inferences. These skills can be built up by reading pictures, too.

Today, you will be looking at four images linked to schools in Victorian times and you will need to ask yourself the following questions and make some notes.

Here are the four images that I would like you to study and make notes about:

This week you will find out more about these images and will answer questions that will test your inference skills.


Last week in R.E. you learnt about Harvest festivals and traditions. In America, this celebration in known as Thanksgiving. Why do you think it is given this name?

Read through this PowerPoint about Thanksgiving.

Harvest and Thanksgiving are both times of year when we think about how thankful/grateful we are, not just for food, but for all of the luxuries we have.


As I start to tell you about my day, you will - very quickly - be able to spot lots of things that I should be thankful for.


This morning the alarm on my mobile phone woke me up at 6:30am. I crawled out from under my thick quilt, put on my cosy slippers and went for a hot shower. Afterwards, I dried myself on a soft towel and dressed in fresh, clean clothes. Having styled my hair and put on my make-up, I went downstairs for a healthy and nutritious breakfast with my family. I packed my bags and set off in my new car to school. 


How many things did you spot?


I have collated these ideas and presented them as a repeating poem:


I am thankful for my safe home.

I am thankful for the thick quilt on my comfortable bed that keep me warm.

I am thankful for hot water for my shower and soft, warm towels to dry myself with.

I am thankful for the healthy and nutritious food that I have to eat each meal time.

I am thankful that I have a good job so I can earn money to support my family.

I am thankful for the luxuries that I have such as my new car and my mobile phone.

Most of all, I am thankful for my loving family.


I would like you to write your own repeating poem, giving details of all of the things that you are thankful for.



Here is a link on YouTube which gives the first verse and chorus to a special Harvest song that we would usually sing at school at time of year. The song teaches us about the life of a farmer. It's such a beautiful song.

Harvest Song - Words on Screen™ Original

This song is available as part of Universal Access. Universal Access gives you digital access to over 900 Out of the Ark Songs, plus videos, assembly plans a...

Here are the words for the other three verses:

If you have got through all of this work, then you have done everything we would have done at school, so very well done.


Check back tomorrow for Tuesday's tasks.


Love from Mrs S x