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Monday 1st June

Good morning 5G


Welcome back! I hope you all had a great week off, got to enjoy some sunshine and had a fabulous Eid if you were celebrating. I know a couple of you had birthdays as well, so happy birthday to you. We have seemed to have been doing this home learning a long time now, I can't believe it is the start of June and we are still not able to get back to class and see each other. I would love to see some photos of your break, if you have anything you would like to share with the class email me and I will put them on the Photo Gallery.


Right back to work! Monday morning starts with a Spelling test and an Arithmetic test. I know some parents have been emailing to tell me lots of you are improving these scores each week and more of you are getting full marks. Well done and keep it up! Test yourselves on the spellings from the 18th May and attached are the ones for next Monday. With some activities to help you practice. The Arithmetic test is in the Maths folder.

The Maths is more revision, the video is available on the White Rose link below. I am attaching the worksheets and answer sheets. If you need extra help there are further resources available on the BBC Bitesize Daily Home learning page -

Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1st June) - Lesson 1 - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers.

For English this week we are going to focus on poetry, you will be reading poetry and answering questions for Guided Reading. You will also think about what makes a good poem and the skills a poet needs to write poetry. You will also get to write some different types of poems. To start with I have a poem called 'The Magic of the Brain'. Can you work out what type of poem it is? Answer the questions and then look at the writing task. The writing task is about a poem called 'I am a writer', the activity asks you to reflect on the poem and also watch the videos about performing poems. Maybe you could have go at performing a poem at home.

Your final task today is a Science one about recycling paper. I know we talk about the environment a lot at school and we are good at making sure we recycle paper in class. This shows you the process of recycling and you can have a go at making some recycled paper of your own. Look at the website -

This is just one of the experiments on the website, there are also lots of fun videos to watch if you want look for more amazing experiments to do.


Have fun and let me know if you find anything else you think the rest of the class would like to try out.


Take care and I'll speak to you tomorrow.


Mrs Garside