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Monday 1st June




Welcome back! How was your holiday? Have you enjoyed the sunshine? I've missed all of your emails and photographs - what have you been up to in the holidays? Send us an email and let us know!


Our topic this half term is, 'How high can I jump?'

You're going to LOVE it! It's all about games, movement and staying healthy! 


We have had a lovely holidays!

The teachers and some Y6 children return to school today. We shall be missing you all - it will be strange in school without  you! We will be in school every day - I am looking forward to planning for some of your to return to school if that's what is right for you and your families. In the meantime - keep checking the Maths and Phonics pages for your daily learning!


Miss Day :)


What have we been up to?


Miss Day: Well what haven't we done this week?

It's been amazing! The weather has really helped us get outside every day and enjoy the garden and our daily hikes! We love the sunshine! 

We've been busy doing jigsaws, having BBQ's and enjoying each others company! Do you like BBQ's? I do! especially when we have vegetable kebabs and burgers!


This week I've found time to do some of my hobbies like painting and calligraphy too! It's been a nice break from doing work everyday. Holly and I have been for a run together and watched lots of Harry Potter too! It's been so lovely!
Most of the staff return to school tomorrow and we will be in school everyday trying to work out how we can safely have some of the children back! 


Send us an email - how were your holidays?

Miss Day :)