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Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning 5/6AA.  How was your half term?  I had a nice, relaxing week - sitting in the garden and enjoying the sunshine.  This morning, while you are doing your work, I will be at school with some of Year 6.  It's going to be very different without you all there.  It will definitely be very strange but I'm sure that we'll get used to it.  So, for those of you that are still at home, here are your tasks for today:


Click here to go the BBC Bitesize lesson for today.  It is all about converting fractions into percentages.  You will need to watch the two videos, have a go at the interactive activity and then complete the worksheet,  You can access the worksheet from the BBC Bitesize website or you can click on the file below.



This week, for reading and writing, we are going to focus on poetry.  Read The Magic of the Brain poem and then answer the questions on the second file.


Click on the file below and follow the instructions.  There are three tasks for you to complete.

  1. Read I am a Writer poem (page 2).
  2. Read the questions on the reflection prompts and think about your answers (page 3).  Then write down some of your thoughts about the poem in sentences (page 4). 
  3. Finally, click on the link on page 5 and watch the video.  Make some notes while you watch.

Mrs Walker's group A


Click on the file below.  Read each question carefully. You have to decide if you need to add or subtract.  Then work out the answer.

Mrs Walker's group B


Click on the file below and answer all of the questions.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Click on the file below.  Read the information about minibeasts and then answer the questions.  You can check your work using the answers at the end.


Click on the file below.  Choose one picture form each page.  Write a story using the 4 pictures that you have chosen.  Your story should have three clear sections:

  1. The beginning (where does your story happen, who is in the story?).
  2. The middle (what happens - is there a problem that needs solving?)
  3. The end (how does the problem get solved?)

Whole class

Afternoon work

This afternoon I thought you might like to do some yoga.  But this is yoga with a twist.  Click here to find out more!