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Monday 1st June 2020

Good Morning class 1-2A and your parents.


Welcome back to the first day of our new half-term.

Have you had a good holiday? How are you all feeling?  Have been enjoying the sunny weather?  I hope you are all ready to start the new term. Many of you will also have celebrated Eid, too. Did you have a nice Eid? It would be lovely if you could share your Eid celebration photos. I know celebrating Eid this year was very different for families but I am sure you have all enjoyed celebrating!


Let's get started with today's tasks, starting with a Joe Wicks workout:


Here are today's activities:


I hope you have been practicing your spellings during the holidays. Have one more practice before doing your spelling test. GOOD LUCK!!!



Here are this week's spellings and we are going to be learning how to spell the days of the week.


Remember your spellings are saved in the spelling folder.


Phonics: Mrs Ahmad’s Group


Mrs Ahmad’s Group

Log onto Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home

Play Phase 5 flashcard speed trial game, then click on start and select all phases.


Then click on phase 5 games and play Tricky Word Trucks Game.

Select Phase 5 All HFW



Mrs Green’s Group  

Log onto Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home

Play Phase 4 flashcard speed trial game, then click on start and select phases 2 & 3.


Then click on phase 4 games and play Tricky Trucks Game.

Select Phase 3 All HFW


This week for your independent phonics activity we are going to practice our days of the week.


"A Week Is Seven Days" by "A Week Is Seven Days" (See below for lyrics) This jazzy, upbeat song teaches young learners the days of the week starting from...

Independent Activity:


Break Time:

Let’s get ready to do mindfulness activity. when you are ready click on the video.



Thought Bubbles | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

Thought Bubbles | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids Jaime explains how thoughts work. They're a bit like bubbles - they come and go! POP! Have fun u...


Mental and oral starter activity: Consolidate O’clock, half past quarter past times and quarter to times and reading the time to five minutes to the hour quarter past/ quarter to.

Click on the website and click on level 1 and  2




Let's start with a Flashback to make sure that you remember things that we've already done. You'll need to press Play really quickly when it comes on the screen and then click when you're ready to check each answer.




This week in Maths we are going to be focusing on Multiplication and repeated addition.

Click on the video when you are ready.


Year 2 - Week 5 - Lesson 1 - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol

This is "Year 2 - Week 5 - Lesson 1 - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the...

Today Maths activities:






Here is Maths problem of the day.



Break Time:

Let’s get active with Supermovers:



In English, for the next four weeks, we’re going to be focusing on poetry. Each week, we will look at a different season.

This week, we are starting with Spring.


Our first poem is called ‘Spring is here!’ and we will be learning about rhyming words.


Before we look at the poem, start with these interactive activities:






Here is our first Spring poem: 'Spring is here!



Don't scroll down until you've decided what the missing words should be!




Lunch Time:

You must be ready for some lunch.


Guided Reading:

This week we are going to look at a story by one of my favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. I am sure that you will have heard lots of stories written by her before. One of my favourites is The Gruffalo! Here is your task:




LI: To find out about the life of Jesus.

Have you heard of Jesus? What do you already know about him? Give children a few minutes to discuss their ideas, then list on the slides.

Explain that Jesus lived more than 2000 years ago but he is still remembered by millions of people today because of the things he did during his life and what happened after his death.

Today, we are going to read the story of his life.

• Go through the story of the life and death of Jesus on the slides.

• Ask children to do some ‘face acting’. After each of the questions on the slides, ask children to use their faces to show what people might have been feeling at different times during the story, e.g.

How would Jesus’ friends have felt when they knew he was going to die?

How would his friends have felt when they saw him alive again after he had been crucified?



Independent Activity:

Provide children with Sentence Cards A and ask them to put them in order to show the life of Jesus. When they have them in the correct order, children could stick them on a sheet of paper and illustrate.

Extension Activity:

Tell children that today they will be creating freeze frames of the story of Jesus. Provide each child with the Scene Sheet and ask them to come up with a freeze frame for each scene listed.

Encourage children to think about who would be in each scene, what they would be doing and how they would be feeling. You could provide costumes and props if appropriate.

When children have had some time to practice, take a photo of each freeze. 



There's a great song to link with this week's work on Spring in this Wow and Wonder folder. It's called: 'It's a Spring Thing'.



You'll also love 'Everywhere Around Me' in the same folder. This links with our RE work on Creation that we did just before the holidays.


Story Time:

I'm sure that after a busy day you will be ready for a story. Make sure you are sitting nice and comfortably.


Clark the Shark read by Chris Pine

Clark The Shark is written by Bruce Hale, illustrated by Guy Francis and read by Chris Pine. Clark is a shark with zing, bang, and boom. Clark zooms into sch...

I hope you've had a great first day back and remember to do your best and be good!!


Bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Love from 

Mrs Ahmad XXX wink