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Monday 1st June

Morning all. 


Today is a strange day, with some of you coming back to school, and some of you not. I feel more sad about this than anything else - I really feel that we've robbed of so much quality time as a class. I'm still hopeful, even if it means asking your high schools if we can borrow you for a couple of days in September, that we can all spend time together and really enjoy what we have achieved throughout our Fixby lives. 

I've said it thousands of times, but I hope you know how special you are and how much your teacher thinks of you.


Half term for us was pretty much BBQ, BBQ, BBQ, mixed in with quite a lot of school work. I've been planning loads for these 7 weeks back in school and also trying to get ahead for September. I hope you all had a bit more fun than me and have really made the most of the amazing weather. I thought of each and every one of you who may have been celebrating EID and hope that you managed to have fun celebrations, in spite of the social distancing measures. 


Anyway, have a great first day back!

For maths today you are going to concentrate on converting Fractions to percentages.

Make sure that you watch the White Rose Video, then complete the worksheets.

When that is done, visit the bbc bitesize page for more practice:


For Guided Reading you are going to spend the next few weeks concentrating on the book Goodnight Mr Tom.

To do this there are also some non-fictions that you need to complete so that it gives you a better understanding of the text. It is an absolutely amazing book - I think you'll love it. 

Read through the text and complete the comprehension questions. 

For English I'd like you to focus on the use of synonyms and antonyms.

Use the following link and do the 3 activities:

We are starting a WWII topic that links with the guided reading. 

Your task today is my favourite since home learning began - the document has lots of information to make you think, and a fun task at the end.