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Monday 1st June

Happy Monday 3/4M and Welcome to June


Wow! We are in the 6th month of year already. It does not seem like two minutes since the Christmas holidays!!


I hope you have all had a super Spring Bank break. The weather has been kind to us and I have spent a lot of time in the garden enjoying the sunshine. I almost felt like I was away on holiday it was that warm!!


I am back in School today, as some of the Year 6 children are back. Over the next few weeks there will be other children coming into school too. I do not know about our year groups yet but don't worry as I will continue to post work online every day. As soon as I know anything different I will let you know. 


Please send me some pictures and emails telling me what you have been up to as I can't speak to you face to face at the moment. I would love to know how you spent your half term. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Please see below for today's work. 



Today's reading comprehension is an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland. Read the text and answer the questions. I will post the answers tomorrow. 



As it is Monday, it is spelling test day. Ask your grown ups to test you on the spellings that I posted on Monday 18th May. 


I have attached this weeks spellings and definition sheet below.



I have chosen a writing task for today. I have added some images from Alice in Wonderland and I want you to choose an image and write a setting description, describing what is in the image. Imagine that you are there. Use the senses. Think about what you can see, hear, smell and touch. Can you include some similes or metaphors? How about some personification?





I want Year 3 to do some revision of addition work today.


There is no video as this is work that you have done before. I want you to complete the worksheet adding 2,  3 digit numbers. I have provided the answers but don't peep until you have answered the questions first. 


Year 4 - I want you to watch the White Rose video about Adding 2 or more fractions and then complete the worksheet. I have again added the answers but no cheating!!


After you have completed these remember to log into TT Rockstars for 30 minutes. 

It is time for a lunch break. Have a rest and a healthy lunch. 


This afternoon we are going to do some more work about healthy eating. I would like you to complete the food pyramid activity. Thinking about the foods that are in each category. I have also added a food diary that you can you to record the food you eat over a week. 


The final task is to plan a healthy menu for yourself and your family. Think about the food you like and how you can create a balanced meal. 

I have also downloaded a new Starters for Stem activity sheet. There are some nice activities that you might want to try this week. 



Thought of the day:





Have a great day. and look after your loved ones. 


Love from Mrs Martin.