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Monday 20th April

Good Morning 3/4M


I hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing break over the Easter holidays and have stayed safe.  Hopefully, you have spent lots of time relaxing and having fun with your loved ones. I wish that I was welcoming you back into class this morning, seeing each of your smiling faces and listening to what you have got up to over the holiday. Please ask your grown ups if you can email me to update me on your adventures and even send some pictures. I would love to hear from you. 


I have had a lovely break at home and have spent time in my garden with my boys. We have made the most of our daily walks and explored lots of the local countryside, (Jacob often moaned that his legs were aching and we walked too far!!) Other activities we have enjoyed include; baking, watching movies together and even doing some science experiments. I have attached some photographs of our walks, cup cakes and the experiment we did to see how much weight four egg shells could hold. 


Anyway, now the holidays are over we should all feel refreshed to begin our final term of this academic year. We will be continuing to work from home for now but fingers crossed we get to all be back in class in the near future.


The work for today is listed below:


Reading: As Ramadan is due to be celebrated later this week I have chosen some reading activities about Ramadan.


I have attached a copy of a reading comprehension which you can print off. (I would like you to do the two star version which is the middle one) The answers are provided but make sure you use them after you have completed the questions. You could use an editing pen to mark your own work.

I have also attached the link to an online reading comprehension about Ramadan. I thought that this would be fun as you can check your answers at the end. 

Have a go at both and see how you do.


You also need to continue reading your AR books and completing the tests. I have attached a sheet reminding you how to log on. Please let me know if you have any problems. I will send some individual emails about your progress so far. 



Use the links to go to the White Rose Website. As usual watch the videos and then complete the questions. The answers are there so you can mark the work afterwards. 

Year 3 - Lesson 1 Equivalent Fractions

Year 4 - Lesson 1 Make a Whole


As usual complete your own year group first but if you want to try the other then feel free. 

I would also like you to log onto TT Rockstars. Some of you are doing amazing on here and I will be sending individual emails letting you know how you are doing. 



Ask a grown up to test you on the spellings which I set on Tuesday 31st March - These start with the word poisonous.


I have attached the spellings to learn for this week and the definitions sheet. 


I have also attached a powerpoint teaching presentation and two activities related to identifying paragraphs. 


Have a break at lunch time and make sure you have a healthy lunch and give your brain a well deserved rest. 


After lunch there are two activities. You can choose which order to do them. 


As it is Ramadan this week there is an RE task. You need to read through the powerpoint presentation and watch the videos and then complete the tasks. 


In addition to this, we are going to start a project which will run throughout this week. We are going going to design and make our own Stop Motion Animation movies. I have attached the first days work for you to complete this afternoon. 


WOW. If you get through all this you will have worked extremely hard today! I know you guys can do this and I am looking forward to catching up with you via email and phone this week. Please remember to contact me if you have any problems. Your grown ups have my email address. 


I am proud of every one of you. Keep smiling and keep working hard.


Love Mrs Martin. 




Mrs Martins Holiday Photos

Accelerated Reader Help Sheet

Stop Animation Day 1